Friday, February 24, 2012

Survival Kit During Fashion Weeks

How to survive during fashion weeks? Well, there are some stylish and useful things, that can  help us. I call it "Survival Kit During Fashion Weeks"

This  bagHarper Connection DVF is made especially for iPad, but it isn't just a cover for it.

Runway Notes Smythson Notebook and Moleskine Style Journal will help to fix all important trends.

Usual camera'll look fabulous with special straps with different prints.
GHD Hair Styler is a necessary thing for saving your hairdo.

With "Stay Don't Stray" primer your makeup won't be flaking (but fashion show must go on!):)

Bagllerina Daily flats will relieve you after heels about Eifel Tower.

Blackberry...No comments!

"The One Hundred" by Nina Garcia is my favorite book of style.

And Chanel sunglasses.

Nothing unnecessary!

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