Thursday, February 9, 2012

Youth Boldness

It's impossible not to feel the changes that have affected fashion industry. For example, unexpected appearance of cheerful, boldly dressed young bloggers and it-girls in the front rows of fashion shows in New York, Paris and Milan. Habitual fashion magazines fit in an irreplaceable electronic friend - an iPad. Not only magazines. All kinds of apps of famous fashion houses, sites, apps that make our lives easier. When we choose our look, we pay attention to clothes of people from the streets, to street fashion. Not for copying it, but for an inspiration, that's necessary for a creation of something our own, for the one and only, unique style. For sharing our thoughts and ideas with the world in a few seconds it's enough to tweet it from our iPhones/Blackberries that we carry in designer cases. Communication with friends became more virtual. But it doesn't mean less sincere. We just have to learn to move into virtual world, taking us along: our feelings, emotions, sincerity. And after, we have to return without loosing these qualities on the way.
Chloé leather iPad sleeve

Magda Laguinge at the Louis Vuitton S/S 2012 show
It started two years ago. But right now these changes seem more cardinal. Maybe, it's about the change of a season (fashion and ordinary). New faces are everywhere in the new season: in the front row, on the runway, in the backstage. Famous fashion houses invite already known or unknown young designers. For example, it's Clare Waight Keller with her collection for Chloé, Humberto Leon and Carol Lim for Kenzo. Or Canadian designers Danielle Martin and Pao Lim with their Martin Lim collection as a Canada's next generation of fashion designers. There's also a winner of the fourth season of Project Runway Christian Siriano with his 'sleek, sophisticated and grown-up collection most women will covet come spring'...And of course, models like Magda Laguinge who appeared in Chanel, Louis Vuitton, Marc Jacobs, Balenciaga, Marni and other fashion shows. There are also three models Anais Pouliot, Kate King and Ming Xi. They look at me from the Russian February Vogue cover. Victoria Davydova has written in her editor's letter about these  girls, who 'are top models of the future'. 'Just some time ago they were known among a few fashion insiders and now they open the shows and become faces of the leading brands', she writes. Fashion blogs became very popular, as a consequence is an appearance of such awards like Bloglovin Awards. Now, for receiving a cherished award you don't have to be an actor and go to Hollywood.

Clare Waight Keller and Chloé
Susie Bubble
We are the new heroes of the fashion world. We can change, transform. We can stand up to Céline minimalism, to Prada retro game. We can become a true Louis Vuitton lady, be imbued with designers' inspirations. In spite of all this, we don't change the essence: our style. 'Fashion fades, only style remains the same', the famous Coco Chanel's quote is about it. Take fashion bloggers, for example. Each of them try on different designer looks, but at the same time each blogger delineates them in his way. And it's not about appearance, figure, etc. You will never mix up Chiara Ferragni and Susie Bubble, or Alix (, because they interpret seasonal trends absolutely in different ways.

Mary Quant
This boldness of youth reminds me 60s. At that time, new faces and talents like Pattie Boyd, Mary Quant and Lesley Lawson have introduced changes into fashion. After, they became principal characters of fashion industry. Right now, I observe a confusion of styles, epochs and materials on the runway and in life. Set from (I'll post it later) is in the spirit of the minimalism in commemoration of the 60s. But this is new minimalism, more romantic and of course, more up-to-date. Up-to-date, modern, doesn't matter how do we call it, but this is a very important thing that permits fashion to change every season. We draw our inspiration from the past, but at the same time we interpret it in a new way by adding features never seen before.

These changes indicate that everything is possible! Become editor-in-chief of fashion magazine, have an influence on fashion without special education, a lot of money and possibilities, but having one important thing - enormous potential and talent. Look at young bloggers again. Maybe next Tavi Gevinson is waiting for her fame in Bosnia and Herzegovina or in Cambodia (even people from these countries are interested in fashion and make sets in Polyvore). A lot of contests, carrying out by fashion designers, give young talents a possibility to show the world their abilities. For becoming a model, welcome to America's next Top Model. Even permit to show your worth and to be in a capacity of a stylist or fashion editor.

I like this new world! This world permits to make a go of it regardless of your social status, it doesn't matter are you a billionaire or a countryman. If you have an Internet access, the whole world looks at you  through your screen. All in our hands! Believe, you will make it!

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