Saturday, February 18, 2012

New York Fashion Week Goes On...

February 13
Day 5
Last summer I had a dream. I was dreaming that I've heard the bell's ringing in my apartment. I opened the door and that was a delivery. At that moment I realized that I had ordered nothing from  e-stores. I decided to ask the deliveryman, but he disapeared (even without my signature). I took a box (it was big) and opened it...I've seen something shining and airy. It was an evening grown. I have ever seen such a beautiful dress...

In a few weeks I was creating sets in Polyvore and...I stumbled on this dress. I immediately recognized it. It's a miracle! It was designed by Jenny Packham.

'I love the idea of elegance and intricacy, but whether it is in a piece of clothing or a fragrance, the intricacy must appear as simplicity,' says Carolina Herrera.

The gaúchas, or cowgirls, of Rio Grande do Sul (Brazil's southernmost state) were the inspiration for Carlos Miele's Fall show.

Donna Karan was created this collections for my school days :) 
I hate our uniform!

She plays with masculine style. That's right! It's impossible to be defenceless little one all the time, let's show some muscle!

Bibhu Mohapatra. 

Some sort othe Swinging Sixties in this Betsey Johnson. No wonder, " Betsey has been rocking the fashion industry with her unique and original designs since the 1960’s." Nostalgia!

On that not I'd like to finish.
NYFW is something incredible!

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